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The ‘Attraction Switches’ Used By Master Manifestors To Remove Blocks To Abundance And Command The Universe To Quickly and Easily Fulfil Their Every Desire (No Matter How Outrageous It May Seem) - GUARANTEED!”
I’ve used these ‘attraction switches’ to clear what was blocking me manifesting a new home, a new business… and a new income…
If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, I GUARANTEE my new course will clear your capacity to attract money… reveal hidden opportunities… and create a flood of wealth and financial prosperity rushing to YOUR door (faster and easier) than ANY other program.
FROM: Donna Lee - Law of attract coach/author
Creator of The Attraction Switch
Dear Friend,

If you want to be free from all money worries for the rest of your life, I’m going to reveal to you my amazing new ‘attraction switches’ I discovered that has the power to automatically transform you into a manifestation magnet.
  • I don’t care if you’re surviving on credit cards right now.
  • I don’t care if your bankrupt and clawing your way back out.
  • I don’t care if you’ve purchased every wealth creation program on the market… and… you’re still struggling.
  • And it doesn’t matter if you have only a basic level education.
OR if you never manifested anything, or only small things.

You can do this.

These brand newattraction switches’ will show you how to create a life of extraordinary financial abundance …

In Only Minutes Per Day you will discover how to…

  • Make a desire instantly materialize in your life.
  • Easily attract more abundance, wealth and riches.
  • Seduce the universe to pave a golden pathway for you.
  • Effortlessly overcome all obstacles in your way.
I know it sounds unbelievable - but bear with me and I’ll prove it to you.
Now you can learn how to make amazing shifts in your clarity, inner peace, self-confidence and most importantly the ability to manifest the kind of life you truly deserve.

You can use these attraction switches to:
  • Manifest a beautiful home.
  • Manifest a generous bank account.
  • Manifest a luxury car.
  • Manifest travelling the world in style.
  • Manifest donating substantial monies to charities that warm your heart.
And it can happen faster than you ever thought possible.
"The book is amazing! Matching the spiritual world with the physical, while making use of the basic science is excellent. It’s worth reading by everyone, as it will guide you in realizing a fulfilled life. I recommend it for anyone working towards achieving a dream in life. Donna did a fantastic job."
- Andy J
So you might be wondering...
Who am I? And how can I help you achieve your “impossible dreams”?
My name is Donna, I’m an author, law of attraction expert, coach and mentor, and today I’m living my ideal life.
  • I live in a beautiful house.
  • Money is not a problem anymore.
  • I spend my days doing what I love.
  • I’m surrounded by a loving partner and friends.
It wasn’t always like this though,

Not long ago…

I was struggling to make ends meet.

It was a gut wrenching struggle to keep the mortgage paid, food on the table… and the creditors at bay every month.

Maybe you can relate to growing debt… lack of income… and no opportunities in your life?

That was my life.

Even though you try to stay positive…

I had no savings, no security, and no 401k for the future.

The constant fear I had for my future with no money would weigh me down like an anchor.

It would wake me up at night with tight knot in my stomach… if I got to sleep at all.

You’re always worried about the next thing that might go wrong like the car acting up, the heating or an expense or medical bill coming out of the blue.

I felt drained and defeated much of the time.

And where I was living didn’t help.
The old run down house where I used to live.
So like you may be doing right now…
I tried to create a different life for myself…
I read about the law of attraction years ago and knew in my heart it worked.

It just didn’t seem to work that well for me.

I’d attend manifestation seminars… read law of manifesting books… create vision boards… set goals… work on my beliefs…

And nothing much happened.

Sound familiar?

Every now and again I’d manifest something small that I was focussing on-but nothing BIG…Nothing that important for me.

I never gave up though…

I kept looking…

And eventually the universe eventually delivered that luck to me I needed.

I believe the universe is always looking out for us and…
Life is always giving you exactly what you need every minute…
I know that maybe hard to believe… especially if you’re going through a hard time right now - but it’s true.

Everything - even the hard times - are a lesson the universe is sending to you.

That universal lesson for me came in the form of a wonderful woman called Linda.

Linda was an old friend.

She was very successful… owning multiple different businesses in a number of niches from real estate to publishing.

Now, you would think someone in Linda’s position would be working 70 plus hours a week, but she wasn’t.

In fact, she took multiple vacations a year, and was barely in the office much of the time.

She loved to holiday in exotic locations, eat out, and travel.

I always admired her, and was even a little jealous of her… and we really never talked that much.

One day, however, while I was reading yet another book on manifestation on a break… She spoke to me.

"I read that one" she said… Pointing to the manifestation book on my desk.

I had never really looked at her up close before.

At first glance,  there didn’t seem to be anything different about this woman from a physical perspective…

She was about average height, average weight, with highlights in her hair.

Yet for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off her. There was something magnetic about her up close.

We got talking more.

She asked about my family,  and what my interests were outside work; and then she listened thoughtfully to my replies and nodded.

I liked her.

There was something easy going and fascinating about her at the same time.

And little did I know… she would soon reveal…
The manifestation secret I’d been waiting for…
We decided to have coffee together that afternoon in a smart little Café I know in the south Bronx.

As the coffee was poured I began to grill her on her life and success.

She was really open about her life.

She had a blessed life.
  • A successful marriage to a beautiful soul partner.
  • A number of fantastic houses in different parts of the states.
  • Over $8 million in the bank.
  • And a number of successful businesses.
  • And more free time than anyone I know.
I had none of the above.

I didn’t even own my own house.

I was struggling financially.

And my relationship was on the rocks.

As Linda talked more and more about her life… I just had to know her secret.

So I blurted it out...
How did you manifest this kind of life?
After a short pause… She began to speak.

“I too started off like you are now. Kind of broke, struggling with money, struggling to pay bills and make ends meet.
As luck would have it though, I ended up being surrounded by wealthy people in a new job I took downtown many years ago."

"I was poor, they were rich -and that sucked…but gradually I began to notice something interesting the more I got to know them."

Linda noticed that…
Wealth attraction is nothing to do with:
  • Hard work.
  • Intelligence.
  • Ambition.
  • Networking.
  • Business ideas.
  • Or any of the above.
In fact:

Linda remarked…
People who work the hardest often have the least...
Linda continued…

"Wealthy people use their minds in different ways to people who struggle with money.
It’s like they’re using their full mind’s capacity to manifest while many people are only using a fraction of it.

Wealth and success flows easily to these wealthy people."

Linda Said...
They have no blocks to abundance.
Sure they can have blocks in other areas of their lives.

But when it comes to money… there is nothing between them and what they desire.

And it completely changes the way the law of attraction works for them.

…even though many of them are not even aware of the law of attraction.

"Over the years, I developed a series of exercises to free my mind from the blocks to abundance" Linda said.

And the results, as you can see - speak for themselves.

The simplest way to see how amazing this is… is to just try these exercises out for yourself.

I call them ‘ attraction switches’.

 …As they completely alter the way the law of attraction can work for you.
They remove the blocks in your mind to making what you want manifest.

These exercises ‘switch’ the law of attraction from ‘not working’ - to ‘working’ for most people.

… simply by removing the blocks we have to abundance in most of our minds.

Linda gave me a number of simple little mind exercises and teachings to do and asked me to call her in a month and report on how my manifestation efforts were working.

About a month later, I met Linda again and...
Never before in my life had I experienced such a dramatic transformation
Here’s what happened…

At first I used the ‘Attraction Switch’ to clear some emotional, and mental baggage and I started to attract some small things.

Things like parking spaces and small money finds was how it started.

Most of the time - I just put it down to coincidence.

Before long though… things started to accelerate.

I soon found…


I had always dreamt of making enough money with my web design company to quit my day job.

No matter how hard I tried though - it just never came about.

I just never seemed to be able to gather enough clients.  The money never seemed to add up.

Well after 2 weeks doing Linda’s exercises, all that changed… rapidly!

Without any extra effort… more clients started to come in.

It was a trickle at first… and then a torrent of new clients started to flood in.

Within a month I was up and running in my new company… Making more money than ever before in my day job.

I was a little nervous speaking with Linda again… but she greeted me a knowing smile.

"You see" she said. "Now you are ready to move on. The Attraction Switches are working for you."

I now had…


I had always hoped for a certain income level, and it was a modest enough figure.

Enough to live on.

The exercises Linda had shown got me thinking bigger. 

Much bigger.

And for once in my life, my dreams started to come true.

The income I was making started to multiply.

Soon I was saving regularly.

I started putting aside a sizeable amount of cash every month.  

… and was finally able to take more holidays and explore more of the world.
Where I like to holiday in Hawaii
Where I like to holiday in Hawaii.
And that led to…

Where I like to holiday in Hawaii
The view from my bedroom window in Missouri.
After 2 months of doing "The Attraction Switches" mind exercises Linda gave me… I moved from New York to my dream home in Missouri!

Here’s a picture of it below…

My house is now a 2 story house that sits on 10 acres of land, 3 miles from a small town I live outside of.
Where I like to holiday in Hawaii
I could never dream of living in a house like this before.

It did occur to me these results could just be some happy coincidence.

But I knew deep down these exercises had a dramatic effect on my life.

So much so…
I decided to share what I discovered with others… here’s what happened…
I was still not sure these exercises would work on others.

However my friends were puzzled.

They saw the new house, the new car, the new income.

And they started asking questions.

So I decided to share my experience with others.

And the results were nothing short of astounding:
"What an amazingly inspiring book Attraction Switch is!

I have read ‘tons’ of books in the past but only a few opened my eyes to life changing attitudes the way
Attraction Switch did. Although, as I read some of the teachings contained in the book, it was like a déjà
vu because I was already doing some of them albeit subconsciously, but the ideas are now well
entrenched within me and going forward, I can now put them into practice with more resoluteness and
dedication while also expecting a clear and definite result.

The most powerful deduction I made from Attraction Switch was the fact that all dreams do come true provided there was a calculated effort and realistic time-frame attached to it. “….The universe works for what we passionately dream about and ensures it comes to pass at the fullness of time……” Emphasis mine.

Attraction Switch is going straight to the exclusive list of classic books I will never get tired of reading
and I would recommend it to friends and family.
- Olivia G
So you might be wondering right now...
How does this wealth attraction method work?
It’s simple really…

Normally when people try to manifest something in their lives…

There is a wall of beliefs and emotions and trauma and past experience stopping it happening.
It’s like there’s a brick wall stopping you manifesting what you want…
Linda showed me a series of exercises for clearing these blocks so I could harness the true power of the subconscious mind to attract what I wanted in life.

She called these exercises for removing blocks to abundance - ‘The Attraction Switches’.

… a series of teachings and exercises for harnessing the true power of the subconscious mind and getting it on your side for a change to manifest what you want.
Once you remove the blocks to abundance, you can harness the full power of your subconscious mind to attract what you want in life…
Your subconscious mind is the seat of awesome levels of power and influence to create the life you want.

Your real powerhouse of abundance comes down to your subconscious mind.

It’s in there where you store all your beliefs, emotions, values and imagination.

The Attraction Switches exercises and teachings help you to clear out  any negative beliefs, or emotions stopping what you want manifesting.

When you discover the Law Of Attraction switches for clearing blocks to abundance you will discover…
The real reason your goals, affirmations, and visions boards may of failed you before…
These kind of manifestation tools are great… however they do not take into account the blocks to abundance we all experience in our subconscious minds.

We all have these blocks in one form or another to abundance.

When you clear them with the teachings and exercises inside The Attraction Switch… you will experience a rush of abundance to your door you never thought possible.

You will now be utilizing the full power of the law of attraction in your life.

The truth is…
All master manifesters know that living free from abundance blocks is the key to manifesting anything you want…
… and The Attraction Switches remove those blocks.

“The only limits in our life are those we impose on ourselves."

- Bob Proctor”

“The clearer you are, the faster you manifest.”

- Joe Vitale

“The clearer you are, the faster you manifest.”

- Joe Vitale

"The biggest block to wealth is fear. People are afraid to think big, but if you think small, you’ll only achieve small things.”

- T. Harv Eker

The biographers of Richard Branson and Steve Jobs talked about being in a state of ‘flow’.
…This is flow state is where nothing is blocking your abundance…

It’s the same ‘flow’ state you will be accessing with The Attraction Switch.

People say Jim Carey and Oprah Winfrey also live in this state of ‘flow’ consciousness… where there’s nothing blocking what they want manifesting for them.

Do you want to have a peaceful, fulfilled and a more successful life? Then you need to get this book to
teach you practical steps of attracting success and how to make your dreams come true.
- Olorunjuwon Daniel
These 'Attraction Switches’ have turned my life upside down (in a good way).

They have created the life I was struggling for years to manifest.

They have helped other people from all walks of life manifest their ideal life too.
Your book, Attraction Switch is a great read! I loved the section about addressing your inner critic,
gratitude and knowing the signs from the universe. You break it down well and you don’t add to much fluff. You keep it simple. I have read many books on the law of attraction and
the books are full off fluff and overintellectualizing content.
- Vanessa
They are essentially a series of teachings and exercises for harnessing the full power of the subconscious mind to manifest your ideal life by clearing the blocks to making manifestaton work.
Here’s how it works…
Stage One – take some time to decide what you want to manifest. That could be something in the area of…
  • More money.
  • A new income.
  • A new house.
  • A dream career.
  • A much needed vacation.
  • Perfect health.
  • Your soul mate.
Stage Two - take some time to absorb the teachings and exercises of The Attraction Switches. These teaching can be absorbed in one day. They will teach you how to remove the inner subconscious blocks to abundance.

Stage Three - you are ready to start manifesting like never before, with the full power of your subconscious mind and the law of attraction behind you.
The bottom line is…
It’s super quick and easy for anyone to use these Attraction Switches to clear away blocks to abundance and manifest an amazing life!
The Attraction Switches teachings and exercises are super easy to use for anyone.

You don’t need to be an experienced manifester OR know about the law of attraction or the subconscious mind.

All you need to do is set your intention, follow the instructions and start manifesting a new reality and...
A new limitless you…
When you know The Attraction Switch exercises and teachings… you are opening up a brand new reality for yourself.

You are taking the breaks off your dreams so they can become reality.

So ask yourself this for second…

What are those dreams?
  • Do you want to travel more?
  • Eat in top end restaurants?
  • Travel first class?
  • Never worry about money every again?
  • Do a deeply fulfilling job you love?
  • That pays what you deserve?
  • Attract you ideal home?
  • Your ideal partner?
Whatever it is that you want, The Attraction Switches has the formula that can get it all for you!
I loved your book, because it has a "zen" approach that is very rational to the law of attraction, integrating
it with some people's growth practices and proper time management (to be more productive), that I felt in
the first person and that I found it very useful, like the morning plan or visual board, which had a significant
impact on my life.

Furthermore, the idea of cleaning the house as a first step in the law of attraction is fascinating.
The text is written very well, with excellent examples, useful and above all realistic, and every person, even
those who do not know anything about this subject can understand all the concepts and try to improve his
- Marc
Before we go any further though…
Question for you:
What would it be worth to you to wave goodbye to your current job and live the way you want for the rest of your life?

To live life on your terms?

Where you wake up when you want, spend time with whom you want and know your financial future is secure?

People spend thousands on coaching and training and seminars to get that kind of life.

Law of attraction experts charge thousands in coaching to help you manifest that kind of life.

Where you can manifest anything you want.

You don’t have to invest thousands today though… or anything like that because…
I need your help…
I’ve been helping so many people recently with The Attraction Switches to manifest a new reality (free from blocks to abundance) that my time is running short.

So I need your help to spread the word about it.

You can do this by being an example of someone who can create a new reality at will.

I want you to help me reach my target of 200 people this month in The Attraction Switches community.

I thought it would be a good idea to get this program online so I can help more people like you.

Although what you can manifest with the course is unlimited, I’m not going to ask for thousands of dollars here today, or even hundreds of dollars… or even less than that.

You can get access right now to The Attraction Switch program for just $27.

That’s a fraction of the price of its real value.

And enough to cover my website and advertising costs.

There is a catch however. For this price I want you to promise me that in 30 days you will write to me to tell me about your success and allow me to use your story to help others.

Fair enough?

Receiving my secrets in a course like this is in many ways better than teaching you privately and one-on-one because you can read the entire program… over and over again… At No Additional Cost!

And don’t worry. You’re getting a…
100% Success Guarantee
As usual, I am placing the risk completely on my own shoulders. (No wonder my neck is always so tense!)

Here's how this is going to work. Try this course out and if it’s not everything I say it is and more, simply let me know & you won't owe me anything for the course. You will get a full refund.

But I really, truly doubt you'll want a refund! Instead I'll bet you'll be so busy manifesting a new life you won't even think about it!
  • I understand The Attraction Switch is an instantly downloadable digital product I can access from any device.
  • I understand there are three steps to the manifestation process with Attraction Switches’. I will be setting my attention for what I want and finally sitting back and watching my new reality manifest.
  • I understand this is 100% risk free. If in the unlikely event, I decide this is not for me-I just get a refund. There is no downside. No risk on my part.
Instant Access
Your FREE gift
Your free gift today is some free advice.

Advice I wish I had been given long ago.

Think about what it will cost you if don’t take action, if you don’t order my course. What impact will that have on your life?

Where will you be in one month… 3 months… 6 months… even one year?
You know where, don’t you?

In the same frustrating and miserable place you are now. Is that what you want?

Of course not. Remember, nothing happens until YOU make a decision.

Remember, you have a full ONE MONTH preview of the course at MY EXPENSE. You have no risk. After that you have a full 3 months to put the formula to the test in your life.

If you’re not happy with the results, simply return it and I’ll immediately give you back your money. And the proven knowledge you've acquired is yours to keep.

PS Remember, you can preview the entire course for one month, FREE. If within that time you decide it isn’t for you, simply let me know and you won’t owe me anything.

I can’t be any fairer than that.

PPS You may be wondering why I'm revealing all my powerful training secrets to you.

The answer is simple. I'm sick and tired of watching nice, regular people like yourself struggle to manifest the life you want. The truth is, I can no longer just sit by and watch while you keep struggling.

So you can take comfort knowing this manifestation program works and gets real results.

God never intended you to live like a slave to the "system"; once you actually know how to apply the manifestation principals I will show you… your new reality will be unlimited.
Instant Access
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